DeFiFarms BUILD Program

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Seed Sale 100% Raised $160,000

100% of 8,000,000 DEFIY 

Private Sale is whitelisting

80% of 15,000,000 DEFIY


0% of 1,000,000 DEFIY

Countdown time to IDO

Information About IDO

IDO will sell 1% 1,000,000 DEFIY (DeFiFarms Coin).

Lockup: instantly release after IDO and listing Pancakeswap Exchange

Starts: Sep 22 10:00 PM EST Price: $0.2 per token

Purchase Limits: $100 min, $2K max BNB (BEP20) accepted

DeFiFarms Whitepaper

IDO opening the whitelisting process

Whitelist Lottery is live! Go to Register Form to buy DEFIY tokens at IDO.

Step 1:

Join Private Sale

Register your wallet address to whitelist Private Sale event

Step 2:

Receive Confirm

We'll send an email for confirm your whitelist

Step 3:


Send the contribution by BUSD (BEP20) to DeFiFarms's Wallet Adress

Step 4:

Get DEFIY Token

DeFiFarms will send $DEFIY token to your wallet before the platform golive.

How To Join IDO?

Following step by step guide on youtube from a DeFiFarms's community member for register your wallet address to the whitelist

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Raised from Seed Sale Round
Strategic Investors
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Investor whitelisting and fast growth

            What is DeFiFarms token?

            DeFiFarms Coin: Defifarms Non fungible yearn token (DEFIY) is the native currency of the DeFiFarms decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain which follows the ERC 20 standard

            Investor Protection Mechanism?

            DefiFarms develops intelligent mechanisms to prevent bad actors from influencing the market. Thereby, you can safely stake on our platform to receive multi rewards with DEFIY and other tokens

            Future of Defi Model

            The DefiFarms model gives global users the opportunity to experience transparent financial investment services on the blockchain. Thanks to Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology, making cross-border transactions has never been so fast and simple.

            Anti Whale

            DefiFarms Anti Whale mechanism is designed to limit the situation of speculative whales, dominating the market. The system automatically refuses to trade a value equivalent to 0.5% of the total supply (when the total supply increases, this ratio will decrease).
            Through this solution, DeFiFarms ensures benefits for everyone, including small investors

            Q2 2021
            Seed Sale

            Sale Dates: May 24-25, 2021

            Private Sale

            Jul 10-15, 2021


            Public sale will launch soon on Jul 20-25, 2021

            Q3 2021

            More special features of DeFiFarms Eco System; Mass marketing time and listing on a big exchange

            Cesar Deandre

            CEO & Co-Founder

            Jacob Joshua  

            CTO & Co-Founder

            Alex Savil

            Head of PR

            James Smith

            Lead DeFi Engineer

            Zackhary Brown

            CTO & Co-Founder

            Harrik Medsam

            Chief Finacial Officer

            Blake Dalton

            Blockchain Developer


            Markas Sallu
            Blockchain Architect

            Our Partners & Strategic Investors